Top 5 Bars In the Gothic Quarter and Raval With the Most Charming Atmosphere in Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter and Raval, two central districts of Barcelona, abound with hundreds of bars and restaurants – for sure you will have the widest choice ever. However, many of them are purely touristic, so you won’t probably feel the charming atmosphere of the authentic places of Barcelona, but you will certainly feel the overpriced menu and crowds of people :)

That is why I am here: use this list of the most charming small bars in the Gothic Quarter and Raval - not the most famous, modern and so on, but just those where you feel cozy and warm, both because of people and the place itself - and start your joyful bar experience!

Foxy Bar Barcelona.  Photo credit: 

Foxy Bar Barcelona.  Photo credit: 

1. Foxy Bar

This place is perfect for those who love the unusual design and unique atmosphere – this bar is full of small quirky details that together make it look really magical – from the endless amount of different paintings, illustrations and pictures on the walls to the vintage furniture. By the way, one of the walls in the bar also serves for showing the movies, and every Monday Foxy bar turns into a charming small cinema. They have a cinema program for each month and you can check it on their website. 


As for the prices, they are quite acceptable, for instance, you can have 2 beers for 1,5 euros each and a mojito for 7 euros. Final point - you will need at least a couple of hours to explore all the pictures, signs and posters on the walls of the bar :)

Useful info:


Directions: Carrer de la Riera Alta, 59, 08001 Barcelona 

Phone:  (+34) 931 806 004


2. Chulapio Cocktails & Crepes

Do you like the good old bars with wooden furniture and Richard Cheese and other swing jazz bands in the background creating a perfect drinking atmosphere? If yes, this place is right for you. Colorful and cozy, it will make you wish to stay longer and longer – and since the prices are okay and the atmosphere is really charming, you won’t find many reasons to leave :)


The menu of the bar is somewhat interesting – they specialize in crepes with stuffing (4.50 euros for a crepe with jamón, cheese, and eggs). Everyone will find something for himself – crepe with salmon, or brie cheese, or curry chicken? No hay problema! And they also have quite a wide range of sweet crepes and salads (3.50 for a Mediterranean salad), and, finally, the star of this place – a cheese fondue for two :)

"Bebe y Se Feliz" means "Drink and be happy" in Spanish (okay)

Useful info:


Directions: Carrer d'En Botella, 2, 08001 Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 931 411 130




3. Chaka Khan – Gastro Bar Exotique

This place attracted us because of its warm (I can’t find a word that would describe it better) and cozy atmosphere and unusual interiors. And entire idea of this bar is also unique – and its menu will definitely surprise you. 


Chaka Khan has a range of the dishes from the all over the world - African, Asian, South American and all other types of cuisine, including a nice a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options. Their cocktail is quite good as well, and the light jazz music in the background settles the right atmosphere for a good talk. The prices are a little bit higher than the average, and you will pay around 16 euros for 2 beers and a snack dish for two. However, this is quite justified by the unique experience that you are getting there.  Finally, note that the bar has 2 floors and dining & bar areas, so there will be enough space - however, if you are planning to go on the weekends, I would suggest reserving a table :)


4. Bar “Idea”

Located in one of the narrow stone lanes of the Barrio Gótico, just 1-minute walk from the Plaza De Sant Jaume, this place is really small and hidden from view. Nevertheless, once you find it, you won’t regret. There is just something special in its atmosphere -  it is warm and cozy, the music is always good, and its small, but pleasant menu makes up a perfect bar experience. On top of that, on Friday and Weekend evenings, there is a jazz band that comes to play for the guests of the bar, which definitely helps to create a fun and joyful atmosphere that distinguishes Barcelona from all other places in the world :)

Here you can try the local draft beer (local – means the beer of the Gothic Quarter!:) for 2-3 euros, and just for 1 euro in the days of promotion, have nachos, a fresh taco (each taco they are making separately with a new guacamole), hummus or patatas bravas for 4-6 euros.

Nice and cheerful substiture for a mirrow - now I feel much better :D 

Nice and cheerful substiture for a mirrow - now I feel much better :D 


Useful info:


Directions: Carrer de Sant Domènec del Call, 8, 08002 Barcelona

Oviso Bar. Image source:

Oviso Bar. Image source:


5. Bar Oviso

This bar is perfect for a small party with friends - it is all about having fun and enjoying. It is always lively and dynamic, not only because of its great location but also due to the unusual interiors, enjoyable prices and its atmosphere create by happy people and good music.

Interiors of the Aviso Bar, Image source: 

Interiors of the Aviso Bar, Image source: 

By the way, the food is actually good here, and you can have some Spanish snacks for around 4-5 euros. Plus, they serve salads and main dishes as well. In addition, you will be offereed a wide range of craft beer :)

The only thing is that this place might get crowded on the weekend evenings, so note that it can hardly be called "quiet and calm" during these days ;) However, since during the warm season they also have an outdoor zone, you can always escape there.