Hidden Medieval Heaven of Costa Brava - Meet Peratallada

Girona city and the area around it are known for the medieval architecture and spirit that are still present in these magical places. However, not everyone is aware that there is a bunch of small villages and towns nearby Girona, which are even more authentic and incredibly romantic.


One of such spots, and probably the most famous one, is a small village located 22 km east of Girona (40 minutes’ drive by car) – Peratallada. Its name -“pedra tallada”, or “carved stone” – is particularly apt for this place: the entire village represents a piece of a medieval stone settlement that somehow traveled forward in time and petrified (literally:) for forever.


The first written recorded mention of this place and the Castle of Peratallada goes back to around 1065 AD, (which is quite a lot, isn’t it?) and the village played an important role in the Medieval Catalonia.

Although Peratallada is not very big, it has so many narrow streets and beautiful corners that you will probably want to spend at least a couple of hours walking around. By the way, it gets incredibly gorgeous in the evening.

Although Peratallada is a medieval spot, it abounds with restaurants and hotels, creating a unique mixture of historical and rural atmosphere & modernity and comfort :)

In fact, you will see a new restaurant every 5 minutes as you will be moving to the center of the village. However, if you happen to come there before 14.00 and realize you are really starving (which happened to us:), you should know that the majority of food spots will be closed, as well as during siesta before the dinner (16:00 - 19:00). Luckily, we managed to find a nice place on one of the local squares that was open and served food (that was actually delicious) – the Pou Dolc Restaurant. They have a couple of nice sophisticated options - for instance, we ordered a salmon salad and truffle ravioli :)