my favourite Luxury Boutique SPA Hotels Nearby Barcelona & Girona Under €200

Hotels will always play a truly vital role in each of your trips, and when it comes to the romantic getaways with your soulmate, their importance is hard to estimate. The right choice of a place to stay will help to create a unique atmosphere and mood for the entire journey, be it a honeymoon, anniversary, of just a romantic weekend that you decided to spend together...especially when it comes to small and cozy luxuirous boutique spa hotels in Catalonia ;)

Barcelona is a definitely marvelous city, and I am always suggesting to spend there as much time as possible, and even couldn't leave it myself at some point. :) However, there is a bunch of fascinating small towns with top luxury boutique hotels nearby the capital of Catalunya that are really worth visiting for at least one or two days.

Such towns are just completely different - time goes here at a slower pace, and you will love their charming atmosphere. It literally encourages you to relax, stop for a second and just enjoy the moment, and the happiness of being together with someone you love.

And last, but not least: you can find a couple of absolutely crazy 5-starts boutique hotels with magnificent interiors, facilities, views, service and so on for ridiculously acceptable prices!

So, this is my TOP 3 of such hotels in towns nearby Barcelona:

1. Sitges Royal Rooms

Sitges is a quite popular destination that is just around 35 km away from BCN, and you can get there directly by train. It is a lively and dynamic place, although if you don't choose the peak season (e.g. go in May), it will still be quite calm, but not boring and sleepy. Besides, it does not lack in some atmosphere - here you have narrow hilly streets with old stone houses and a beautiful Castle. Finally, Sitges is famous for its Carnavals that are really  a great fun!


When it comes to us, we went there to have a romantic getaway and chose such a magical place that I still hardly believe we managed to find it - Sitges Roal Rooms.

Sitges Royal Rooms. Image source:

Sitges Royal Rooms. Image source:

The first and the main thing that attracted me when I first saw it (we came back to Sitges once again the next week after our 1st trip just to spend a night in this hotel!) was its unbelievable beauty and design, both internal and external. It is all about details - vintage stuff all around the hotel, this magical garden, the rooms...everything is thoroughly thought-out :)

In general, it seems this hotel has been created precisely for the couples -  each corner of it is very romantic, from the restaurant in the garden to the balconies with these authentic Spanish views and  the rooftop jacuzzi.

Useful info:

 Prices - arond 120 euros with breakfast and jacuzzi included (YES that's true!)

Directions - Carrer de Francesc Gumà, 17, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona


Phone: (+34) 938 111 515

2. Hotel Sa Calma in Begur

Begur is a small resort town 120 km from Barcelona (1 hour 45 mins by car) and 50 km from Girona that will steal a way into your heart. It is just magical - the old medieval hilly town, numerous beaches scattered around (by the way local beaches look more like some hidden bays in Bali rather than ordinary European shores), loads of different restaurants and SPA hotels. All in all, it seems to be perfect for couple getaways (honestly, 70% of people we saw were in couples ;)

Image source:

Image source:


But, the Hotel Sa Calma deserves a separate story, as it completely fascinated us. First of all, it is about the design, and again - details. Everything from the entrance and the hall, to the rooms and the terrace on the rooftop, is so cozy and attractive, that you just want to picture it ALL. Literally. 

Hotel Sa Calma

Hotel Sa Calma


Hotel's hall:


The hotel's facilities are also excellent, especially for the couples: you have a 30-mins access to the SPA zone with a jacuzzi, hammam and an amazingly designed room (see pictures below!), a homemade breakfast served on the terrace and a rooftop jacuzzi with sunbathing area. Trust me, you will enjoy this place...and fall over in love with each other ;)

Outdoor rooftop area:


Spa zone (30 minutes of free access for all guests):


Rooms (this bed is enormously huge...not to say of the bath!):

Useful info:

Prices: around 150 euros in the low season, 190 in the high season with breakfast and SPA access included

Directions: Calle Sant Miquel, 1, 17255 Begur, Girona


Phone: (+34) 972 622 657

3. Sant Jordi Boutique Hotel in Calella

Calella is a small coastal town around 50 km away from BCN (40 mins by car) with a perfectly white sandy beach and calm atmosphere, especially in the low season. It abounds with bars and restaurants and even has some sightseeing things to do: a castle and a lighthouse.


This town is very cozy, but one the most delightful things here is the hotel where we spent a night - the Sant Jordi Boutique Hotel. 



It is a decent five-star place with an excellent service, beautiful rooms and interiors, perfect breakfast included in the price and a 2 hours sessions in the SPA zone.. and for all this we paid just 120 euros!

The SPA zone includes a warm pool with jacuzzi, a hot jacuzzi, a cold water pool, hammam and a sauna plus a huge outdoor sport pool (in addition to the small outdooe pool outside the spa zone :)

Useful info:

Prices: around €120 (breakfast and SPA access included)


Directions: Carrer Turisme, 80 - 88, 08370 Calella

Phone: (+34) 937 661 919