Coziest Town in the Basque Country - Meet Barrika

When I was planning my trip to the Basque country, I tried to mix the spectacular views (that is this region is famous for) with some places that differ with their unique atmosphere. I really wanted to feel the way locals do - as if I just left Bilbao and went to the small towns surrounding it to spend the Saturday's afternoon there. That is why I have chosen Barrika - a tiny locality 20 km away from the capital city. This place abounds with nice things to do and is perfect to spend 2-3 hours of your journey around Biscay. Those who would like to know more about traveling in Biscay will love my new article published in this amazing traveling blog - 3 DAY ITINERARY FOR VISITING THE UNIQUE BASQUE REGION OF SPAIN

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It seems that this town mainly consists of small cottages and  holidays houses and the majority of them was not inhabited when we came to Barrika (probably because it was aclready October). However, these beautiful bulding create a unique cozy atmosphere - trust me, you will love these nordic lanscapes and houses together with the climate that is much milder than in many Northern countries.

By the way, Barrika is considered to be on of the oldest municipalities in Bizkaia and dates from the year 496.


Barrika. Image source:   

Barrika. Image source:



Things to do in Barrika:

1. Enjoy the views from the cliffs and take pictures.

There are numerous routes to walk, with hidden beaches and scenic views from the cliffs - your Instagram will love it :)

2. Walk to the beach - it is marvelous

The local beach is the most famous thing in the town, as it is extremely beautiful. The specifics of the landscape make it look somehow mystical, especially during the sunsets - don't miss it!:)

3. Try surfing at the local surf school

The local beach is really beautiful and scenic, and the waves are perfect for not very experienced surfers and for the beginners. The surfing school is located close to all attractions of the town, so you won't miss it.

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Useful info:


Directions: Urbanización Garramune, 49, 48650 Barrika

Phone: (+34) 946 77 44 97 

4. Chill at the bar with the ocean view - Golfo Norte

Nice place to admire Barrika's views in a comfortable environment - cheap (but delicious) fast food and snacks & any drink you'd like. And final point - we really liked the music, it was definitely creating the atmosphere.

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Useful info:

Directions: Ayuntamiento Errepidea, 16, 48650 Elexalde, Bizkaia

Phone: (+34) 946 77 46 00

5. Have a lunch in a hammock-chair - Milagro Restaurante

Lovers of sophisticated kitchen and seafood will love this place for its menu, and seekers of atmosphere and chilly environment will surely love the garden with hammocks located right behind the restaurant. Remember to order a cocktail there (we asked for mojitos) - the portions are really impressive :)

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Directions: Barrika a Sopelana Errepidea, 1, 48650 Elexalde, Bizkaia

Phone: (+34) 946 77 02 35